School Board fires superintendent

The Duval County School Board has scheduled a special Tuesday meeting to discuss Superintendent Joseph Wise's contract, which extends through Oct. 31, 2009. Four of seven votes are needed to terminate his employment. Wise has been superintendent since November 2005.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lawyers Recommend One Year's Pay to Wise

The General Counsel's Office recommends that Superintendent Joseph Wise receive one year's pay under settlement agreement that allows him to immediately part ways with the district.

His annual salary is $275,000. By striking this deal, Wise gets a large sum of money but the board also gets to have him out of office immediately, as they would like. Both sides avoid any potential court battles.

A motion is on the floor for the board to accept the attorney's recommendation. Now they are discussing it.

It seems like the crowd is ready for a vote. Many people in the audience visibly or audibly sighed when board members began asking questions, delaying a vote.


Anonymous said...

Let's look at the whole fiasco from the beginning and see who else needs to be fired...

1. Wise, coming from a botched job from Delaware was hired by the school board (???). Grave error by the school board members. Who's at fault: school board

2. Wise, under the school board's supervision, made unnecessary policies so he can get his $6,000 bunos at the expense of teachers and students by putting kids in AP classes even not completing the prerequisites. Who's at fault : school board

3. In less than 2 years the school board finally wisened-up and fired him with not enough "just cause" which cost the taxpayers $275,000+++. I know it's better that $600,000+++ but still we lost $275,000 that could have been used to upgrade the schools. Who's at fault: school board.

4. Lastly, the on-going issues with Brenda Priestly-Jackson. The allegations are true and verifiable. What's the school board doing about it? Nothing. Who's at fault: school board.

Who needs to be fired : SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS. Every stinking one of them!

Anonymous said...

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